Translating Department

Fox & Lapenne's Translating Department is composed of Certified Translators with vast experience in different fields, mainly in the translation of patent and legal documents.

All of our translators are Certified Public Translators graduated from different universities.

Our team performs translations in the following languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and German.

Translating process

Every document entrusted to Fox & Lapenne is delivered to a translator with relevant experience in the specific field of the document to be translated.

After the translation is completed, it is reviewed with the assistance of a different translator (the proofreader). Hence, every document translation entrusted to our firm is performed by two translators with expertise in the specific field.

All of our translators make use of specialized memory software for translations. This enables our team to achieve excellence in our translations in the shortest possible amount of time.

Our IT Department jointly works with our Translating Department to solve any technological hurdle, such as software compatibilities. In addition, our IT Department assists our Translating Department with the final editing of the document before submission to the client. The cooperation between the IT department and the Translating Department is crucial to achieving excellence in every translation.

Patent documents

Within the patent field, our translators have vast experience in the translation of pharmaceutical, chemical and genetic patent documents. We have been translating these kinds of documents for more than 15 years, always with excellent feedback from all of our clients.

Our Translating Department has grown with the support of multinational laboratories who entrusted us their patent specifications to be translated.

We have also been translating mechanical and technological patent documents and have gained considerable experience in this field as well

Legal documents

Fox & Lapenne Translating Department has experience in the translation of any kind of legal document, such as licensing agreements, bylaws, franchise agreements, mergers and acquisitions and related documents. In fact, the Translating Department was created to assist Fox & Lapenne in its legal services.

Free of taxes for international translations

According to the current Uruguayan tax system, the translations performed to foreign clients to be used in countries other than Uruguay, are free of taxes (client won’t have to pay VAT nor other similar tax). This makes Fox & Lapenne´s tariffs amongst the best in the international marketplace.

Therefore, our translations would be free of taxes if said translations are not going to be used in Uruguay.

This tax system has made Fox & Lapenne a firm where documents of different languages are translated at the best available rate in the international market place.

Request a Free Quote

Send us the documents to be translated as an attachment and request a free quote. If the translation has a date to be completed, inform us accordingly